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One Flew Single From Purpose CD Gets National Airplay

One Flew is the first single from Buddy Fambro’s Purpose CD to receive national airplay.  This single has been played in various cities and friends in Birmingham and Vegas have also reported hearing it on the radio.  Have you heard One Flew on your local jazz station? Would you know it if you heard it?  If not, you may not have purchased the Purpose CD or downloaded the song.  No problem, click the link above to check it out.  If you have the Purpose CD featuring One Flew and you want to share your feedback, we invite you to comment on this post.  Thanks for your continued support and happy listening!

Epiphone Interviews Buddy Fambro

Buddy Fambro Interview

Buddy may be on the road with the national tour of Come Fly Away, but he’s not out of reach. Epiphone writers catch up with Buddy to inquire about his tour experience, the Epiphone Broadway guitar he is playing on the tour, his latest release Purpose, and much more. Check out the Epiphone interview.